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College Loan Student

Adrian Said:

What is a reputable Student College loan company?

We Answered:

Don't apply for any loan from a bank until you've exhausted all federal loan options. Check this first!

Then if you aren't able to get federal loans or you find yourself short funds, try for some scholarships/grants. You can find links to a list of sites that specialize in them at

Finally, if you still need a loan, apply for a private student loan at

Irene Said:

Can someone explain to me how a typical college student loan works?

We Answered:

you are just going to get spammers like this.
Instead, join a search site like this one… it's free and they have many tools to help you understand and search.

If it helps you out please remember me :)

Gina Said:

How much College student loan do you owe?

We Answered:

I currently have over $50,000 in college loans. I have about $30,000 from my associates at a private college and my bachelors at a large univeristy. Now I'm accumulating more for my masters!

Bernard Said:

Is there a loan a college student can take out for expenses?

We Answered:

Don't listen to that smarta**, yes there is various ones, you can go to or various banks and take out a personal student loan for that amount.. good luck :)

Melanie Said:

Which bank is good to get a student college loan from?

We Answered:

Go to the financial aid department at the college you are attending (or planning on attending). They'll be happy to point you to reputable local lenders.

Virgil Said:

Why Is Govt Making Cuts On College Student Loan Programs?

We Answered:

I did not see the story. Are they reducing the amount of money in the program or are they reducing the requirements... such as ability to repay the loans... so they can get more students in college therefore lowering the amount each student can receive? If it is the latter, then there will be more Freshmen students but fewer Junior and Senior students because they will not be able to cover the increased expense.

I get a thumbs down for asking a non inflammatory question? Gee... tough crowd!

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