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College Student Loan

Edna Said:

student loan and college degree need help stressing?

We Answered:

30K for just an associates degree is ludicrus. You can't even borrow this much in federal loans alone.... for a darn good reason!

My advice is to pay off that 30K as quickly as possible before you take out more loans. Perhaps you should start working full time and attend college part time and pay for your tuition as you go.

Kim Said:

How &/or where can I find a co-signer for a college student loan!?!?

We Answered:

That's a tough one, you really need someone willing to vouch for you.....

Why do you need a co-signer though? You should be able to get federal stafford loans without one. Almost any state school is affordable with a part-time job + fed. staff. loans. If you're going to a private school and are taking out additional private loans, I suggest you rethink the whole thing before going 100K in debt for a bachelors degree.

Also, in case you are using Astrive or any of those other TV commercial loan places I strongly strongly recommend visiting an advisor at your school and asking about more reputable sources.

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