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Company Loan Student

Leon Said:

What, in your experiences, is a good private student loan company?

We Answered:

You sound like you've done some research and are ready to go....but have you considered getting federal student loans before private? Federal loans generally have the lowest interest rates and most generous repayment terms. If possible you should max out the federal money first, then cover the rest with private loans.

That being said, FinAid offers a list of private lenders…

if that's too overwhelming, check out Sallie Mae… they've got private loans for almost every type of school.

You may also want to check with the financial aid office of the school you're planning to attend. They have probably narrowed the list to a couple of reputable lenders.

Shane Said:

Can you call your student loan company and see if they will not take your income tax return?

We Answered:

File online for a deferment based on "financial hardship". If she was in bankruptcy, see a lawyer to see if they can reopen her bankruptcy to include the student loan if she made payments when she could, but will not be able to in the future. It is rare that they will approve it, but possible. Of course the cheapest way is the financial hardship deferment, but it only lasts a year at a time. I just filed for one. I think maybe I can renew it in a year, but not sure.

If you call the loan servicer, you might only get a message that they will call you back in 2 days or get a person in a foreign country who doesn't understand a word you say or tells you they will take care of it and then doesn't.

Fax in the income proof to the servicer's fax line after applying for financial hardship deferment online. Don't count on the mail. It might get lost in the mail. Fax is faster and more dependable.

Lena Said:

Is a judgment for a student loan, the same as student loan company placing a lien against my property.?

We Answered:

If you in fact just found out about the lawsuit it would appear you were not properly served. A lawsuit requires a complaint to be filed with the court by the plaintiff. You have 30 days from the date of service upon you of the complaint (personal sevice) to respond in writing your answer to complaint with the court. If you fail to answer the complaint within this time frame a default judgment can be entered against you. Whatever the plaintiff request in the complaint will be granted. Generally, no court date is set before you answer the complaint.

If you answered the complaint a hearing date is set. If you fail to appear then the penalty is to grant a judgment against. If you missed the court date for good cause you must file paperwork to set aside or vacate the judgment. If the judge agrees that you had good cause for missing the court date he may at his/her discretion set aside the judgment and give you an oppportunity to be heard.

Judgment creditors have generally 3 ways to collect on a judgment. 1) attaching bank accounts, 2) garnishing wages and 3) liens against property. They can employ any one of the 3 or all in their efforts to collect. They must however follow state law in pursuing their claim. Seek the advice of an attorney in your state. There may be certain exemptions in your state that would apply but you have to affirmatively pursue them. Alternatively, you can contact the creditor and attempt to work out a repayment plan. These plans are generally called forbearrance agreements. As long as you abide by the agreement they won't implement the collection process they are entitled to.

Student loans are generally not dischargeable in bankruptcy absence a showing of extreme hardship a very high threshhold to meet

Rachel Said:

You wake up to find £3k from student loan company in your bank, would you keep it?

We Answered: - it provides some tips about applying to US federal and state grants for college students.

Judith Said:

what is a good company to acquire a student loan from?

We Answered:

Check out
Interest rates are on there as are some testimonials from current borrowers. Most private loans are going to have approximately the same rates. But check around before you decide.
Good Luck.

Edith Said:

What is the easiest private student loan company to qualify with?

We Answered:

I think Astrive. You should not get a co-borrower.

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