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Compare Student Loan Consolidation

Duane Said:

I have a student loan in my dads name b/c I wasn't able borrow enough. He consolidated w/ sallie mae. HELP!?

We Answered:

You need to understand there is a difference between your student loans (Stafford loans) you repay and your Dad's loans (parent PLUS loans) that HE must repay. He can consolidate all he wants, if these loans were parent PLUS loans for you, then that means YOU are not responsible for them at all and need to worry about your own loans.

Do not pay on his loans. You are not able to write off the interest on parent PLUS loans on your taxes for HIS parent PLUS loans because they are not legally your loans to repay. I repeat, you can not charge off the interest on loans that are not yours. Parent PLUS loans are not yours.

PS: You can not consolidate your loans with your dads parent PLUS loans. My suggestion to you is to do some very DETAILED research about your financial aid packages since you started college to understand what sort of debt YOU have accumulated and what sort of debt your DAD has accumulated and make sure you BOTH know that he starts paying on his parent plus loans right away while your Student Stafford loans do not need to be repaid until you graduate or drop out.

Minnie Said:

student loan consolidation?

We Answered:

i used this site to lower my student loans a LOT! highly recommended..

Alice Said:

Student Loan Consolidation?

We Answered:

1) It may affect your score A LITTLE BIT if the consolidation company pulls your credit report (a hard inquiry).

2) Why do you care if your score is affected? Do you plan on making a large purchase / getting a large loan in the near future (6mo-1yr)? If not, who cares?

3) If the interest rate on your loan is variable, then generally by consolidating you lock in your interest rate (it becomes fixed instead of variable). It may be good or bad, depending on what your rate is and what you think will happen to interest rates. I think there's also a difference between consolidating while in grace period (the first 6 months after graduation) or later, because I think the interest rate in grace may be lower.

Personally I think you should find a cheaper place to live. That is what's really "hurting the team," not some 100/mo.

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