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Compare Student Loans

Darrell Said:

University Student Loans? What are the rates?

We Answered:

You can apply for financial aid with fafsa. They have you fill out this long form and then determine how much they are willing to give you for loans. Student loans are much cheaper in interest compared to credit cards I have found. My two student loans interests were 7 percent and eight. Plus some loans if they are subsitized or unsubstitized you won't have to pay them back until after you graduate.

Cody Said:

Is there a site I can apply for all the student loans available, or compare them?

We Answered:

Usually the financial aid office at your college is the best place to find this out. Often it is part of your aid package--the Perkins student loan. The great thing about going through the government (rather than a bank) is that the government is freindly about getting paid back--as long as you promise to do it someday, they don't care how long it takes you to pay them back, so if you get out of school and aren't making good money right away, it won't be a disaster for you.

Elsie Said:

Is it possible to get scholarships to pay off student loans (after graduated)?

We Answered:

You can get info about such college scholarships and grants online here -

Jennifer Said:

how do personal loans compare with private student loans? What is the difference in interest?

We Answered:

Personal loans have higher interest rates and they usually don't give you much of a grace period. Lenders that are specific to student loans (Sallie Mae) will work with you on repayment more often than traditional lenders.

Elaine Said:

is there a website to compare student loan rates?

We Answered:

Hi James!
Actually, you’re in luck: there is a website that compares student loan rates. I represent , which allows you to compare six offers from different lenders. It’s really great for navigating the world of student loans, which any where else can be kind of a hassle. They also have a Gap Calculator (… ) that lets you figure out how much you will need in student loans based on the university you’re going to.
I really hope this helps. Best wishes and good luck with college!

Jonathan Said:

Where is the best place to find direct student loans?

We Answered:

May be this site can help you

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