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Consolidate Private Student Loans Fixed Rate

Maureen Said:

How do i consolidate private student loans?

We Answered: - it provides some tips about applying to US federal and state grants for college students.

Andrea Said:

I need a fixed rate private student loan consolidation company ...?

We Answered:


To the best of my knowledge, there are NO lenders making fixed rate consolidations of private student loan debt at the present time. In fact, there are just a handful of lenders making private consolidation loans at all.

I'm seeing Chase, StudentLoanConsolidator (Edvisors), and Wells Fargo, and they're all offering credit-determined variable rate loans based on LIBOR or Prime.

Companies like NextStudent, SallieMae, EdFed and ScholarPoint are not consolidating private loans.

I don't know if "can't find the best answer" means that you're not happy with what you're hearing, but I'm not seeing anything to suggest that there are fixed rate consolidation loans available for private educational loan debt.

I'm sorry for the disappointing news. Good luck to you.

Melinda Said:

Is there any possible way to combine federal and private student loans?

We Answered:

Unfortunately you are unable to consolidate your Federal Student Loans with your Private Student Loans through the FFELP Consolidation Program.

I would also advise against consolidating your Federal Student Loans with your Private Student Loans because you lose all your Federal Benefits on your Federal Student Loans if you do consolidate the two types of loans together.

It does seem that you are very interested in Private Loan Consolidation however. Hope this helps you out! For more information on Federal vs. Private Student Loan Consolidation please visit the source below.

Johnny Said:

My private student loan (no fixed rate) payment keeps going up. What do I do?

We Answered:

You cant discharge student or private loans through bankruptcy, sorry. Private loans are always variable and will change as the prime or libor does. You mentioned consolidation, but you must have meant stafford loans. You unfortunately dont have much choice.

Lynn Said:

Can i consolidate my private student loan into a federal, fixed rate one?

We Answered:

You wouldn't want to. Federal student loans are very inflexible, have higher interest rates and higher monthly payments, plus fewer deferment options. That's why everyone consolidates with private lenders.

Darlene Said:

Private Student loans?

We Answered:

Pay the minimum on the loans with a low interest rate.

Pay what you can afford for the loans with a higher rate.

Robert Said:

Do all eligible federal student loans have to be included when you consolidate?

We Answered:

Yes, you can consolidate the 2 new loans into one without adding in the other loans.

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