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Credit Card Student

Sandra Said:

what is the best student credit card out there?

We Answered:

If you have a parent that will put you on their credit card and have a card issued in your name, that is the best way to build your credit. You know they will pay their bill on time and they can give you a spending limit.

But, here is a great link… to find student credit cards. Good luck!

Lucy Said:

What is the easiest student credit card to get?

We Answered:

I would have to say Discover or Citibank check out and go under student cards.

Lois Said:

i want to apply for a credit card, and i want to know the difference between a student card and regular card.?

We Answered:

There is no official thing as a student card. Those are offered by SOME lenders, but not a standard card type. Student cards just normally have MUCH lower limits that normal cards. Also, as of Feb 22nd credit card issuers are no longer issuing cards to anyone under 21.

Kent Said:

How do I get a student credit card with no credit?

We Answered:

You can find a complete list of 'student' credit cards here:…

It's possible that you could get denied again. But to be honest, American Express has the strictest approval guidelines of all major credit card issuers. So it doesn't surprise me that you were denied. You might try Chase. They have very high approval rates.

Hope this helps. GOOD LUCK!

Lorraine Said:

What are the differences between a student credit card and other credit cards?

We Answered:

easily compare student creditcards and all other credit cards at

however, the usual difference is that student credit cards are easier to be qualified for, but sometimes have higher interest rates associated with them. Also, student credit cards usually have lower limits. the direct link to the student section of is listed below.

Lydia Said:

What is the best credit card for a college student?

We Answered:

Check to see if your school has a credit union on campus or a bank that caters specifically to students. The card will generally be more lenient in granting credit but will also have lower credit limits. They understand that you are starting out and will work with you.

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