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Credit Union Student Loans

Marcus Said:

Do credit unions refinance student loans?

We Answered:

Why don't you seek government student loans called Direct consolidation Loans which are financed by Government and have very flexible terms with a repayment of up to 30 years.
Check out site below for more information.

Wallace Said:

Could I get a student loan from a university credit union with a credit score of 650?

We Answered:

You haven't said anything about applying for Federally subsidized student loans. To the best of my knowledge, Stafford and Perkins loans do not require a credit check at all.
650 should be good enough to get a private student loan from a credit union provided you're a customer there.

Debbie Said:

is a federal credit union a good choice to consolidate your student loans with?

We Answered:
That is probably a Great place to start. Careful giving out information and all. So many scamers out there.

Ernest Said:

does anyone know anything about student loans in a credit union in Ireland? do you have to already have an...?

We Answered:

Each credit union is independent and sets its own guidelines (under the general umbrella of the Irish League of Credit Unions). Not like a bank, where you can have an account in one branch and do your transactions from another branch.

The general picture is you save with them for a certain period of time - say 12 weeks - then you can apply for a loan. The amount is determined by your ability to repay - evidenced by the amount you were able to save regularly without difficulty.

For Galway, you have two options - go there now and open an account, and arrange regular savings by standing order from your usual bank account. Or open a credit union account where you are living now, and start saving straight away. Get the loan in September and arrange repayments to come from your bank account by standing order.

Or start a savings account in your own bank now. Put in Christmas and birthday money presents, plus whatever you can save from pocket money, part-time jobs etc. It will earn interest, and by September you might have enough amassed not to need the loan at all. So you wouldn't have repayments like a millstone around your neck. Now, there's a happy thought !!

Fred Said:

I have bad credit and student

We Answered:

Now that you've learned your lesson on credit counselors I have a solution that you won't need another loan and will be able to pay back your credit cards and student loans on time. It will even boost your credit scores up. It is:

Start paying all your credit cards and student loans bi-weekly. Just take the minimum payment, lets say $50, split that in half. Now it is $25 then in 2 weeks you pay the other $25. You keep on doing this and you will see your debt shrivel up to zilch in no time. Just make sure you get a seperate calendar and mark it with what you are going to pay off every 2 weeks. When one bill is paid off then take the extra money and use it to pay off the other bills.

To save money is easy too. Make a triangle and start on the lower left hand corner and put down $10. Then from there double the amount each time you go up the triangle. So the next amount would be $20, $40,$80, $160. Let's say $160 is at the top and the other side beginning with the top you put $160, $80, $40,$20, $10. You do this repeatedly and in 3 months you should have $1500 or more depending on what you can afford.

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