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Default Student Loan Assistance

Nathaniel Said:

I have student loans in default and I want to get back in college. What should I do?

We Answered:

Well, you have several options... all of them involving you paying money to someone.

Since you are in default, you aren't eligible for any kind of financial aid currently so you can try to get out of default, or just pay your way as you go. Many folks will take one or two classes at a time at a cheap community college so they don't have to rely on financial aid. Others will decide to use this money to start making payments on the default loan to get it out of default.. after 6 to 9 months of reasonable, on time payments you can ask that your loan be taken out of default.. then you can get federal financial aid again to go back to school.

Don't be surprised if your income tax return gets seized this year.... if you dont owe very much, maybe you will get lucky and it will be paid off!!!

Peggy Said:

Defaulted Student Loans and help to pay it off to go back to school?

We Answered:

You can consolidate them now through direct loans. consolidating does not take away your deferment rights. consolidation can take away someone s 6 month grace period (the 6 months from when you left school before you started getting billed) ths does not pertain to you since you aready started repaymnt. call direct loans for more info 1-800-848-0979

Lewis Said:

When student loans are in default, what other forms of financial aid is available?

We Answered:

At your local Human Services office(family assistance) they should have some information on a program Vocational Rehabilitation. It is a federally funded program for the disabled/disadvantaged and they might be able to help you. Also contact your local college of choice and ask to speak with a financial aid COUNSELOR, not one of the office flunkies at the front desk, explain your situation and they might be able to help you find a scholarship that will help you. Look into some of your local battered womens shelters for information on programs available to mothers like you. There is amnesty offered occasionally for those in default and they will work with you on a repayment plan and maybe even get you out of default. Communicate with your loan company, if you havent been in default too long you may be able to get a forbearance on them if you work with them on developing a plan for repayment, even if it takes years to get it done. Consoladation under the William D Ford program will get your payment with one company so you done have 4 or 5 payments due a month. Good luck, I know its hard out there.

Joy Said:

Is there anyway I can go to school with a defaulted loan on my record?

We Answered:

You can go back to school but you won't be eligible for financial aid (grants or loans) as long as you have the default on your record.

You may be able to rehabilitate the loan. Essentially, you make 6 months on time voluntary payments to the lender and the loan will no longer be in default. You have to contact your lender or guarantor for information.

Leah Said:

Can I get school funding with a defaulted loan and on public assistance?

We Answered:

If your income meets the guidelines in your State then you can receive food stamps. Section 8 is very difficult to get. Many people who get it stay on it for their entire lives so that does not leave room for new people who may need the program. Contact your local housing authority to see if you can apply for their housing program. As for school, you have to repay your loan in ties entirety or setup and maintain a repayment plan with the holder of the loan, which is probably a 3rd party collection agency.
WIthout this you will have no choice but to pa out of pocket for your education.

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