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Deferred Student Loan

Armando Said:

What's the best way to pay down a deferred student loan?

We Answered:

Prepaying even a portion can ease your situation later. Start small and see if you can continue. Then pay a little over the minimum each time for as long as you can.

Dustin Said:

Deferred Student Loan for General Expenses?

We Answered:

No, there are not any more lenders willing to send the money directly to you. Used to be... but the economic times... they are a changing!!

You can take out a federal student loan, called a Stafford loan and if you have no outstanding balance at the school for your tuition or fees the full amount will be sent to you to do with as you wish such as pay rent, utilities, transportation costs... etc. You do not have to start repayin stafford loans until after you graduate or drop below half time.

Apply at

Donald Said:

Will a deferred student loan effect my ability to get an EOD security clearance?

We Answered:

If that is the only real problem with your credit score, most likely you'll be fine (assuming that it doesn't absolutely obliterate your credit score). The other guy was right though, defaulted $5000 loan would ruin your chances.

Basically, the interviewer is gonna ask you questions about your past, some of the things that you filled out on the questionnaire, and your overall lifestyle. The most common thing that disqualifies people from obtaining a security clearance, other than financial problems, is lying during your interview. Be honest and forthright. You should be fine.

Misty Said:

Can a deferred student loan be reported as a chargeoff account?

We Answered:

chargeoff means its been taken away
with no chance of ever collecting

school loans CAN NEVER be charged off

90 days is enough to be put on yer credit report
they go by 30, 60 or 90 days past due...
so it got reported
now it may be in deferment
jsut call SLSC, they will work with you

Norman Said:

Can my Private Student loan be deferred?

We Answered:

Yes, you can defer student loans. Especially if you're going back to school. After graduating, depending on the loan services, you can ask when you have to start paying. They are usually good about this so focus on your school and you should be fine. Just communicate with them.

Good luck!

Shelly Said:

can i really get a student loan deferred just by going to the Peace Corp?

We Answered:

Just so you know.
A "deferment" just means you don't have to pay on it TEMPORARILY. It doesn't mean that the loan goes away.
It sounds like you want "forbearance". Read the fine print and know the difference.

Rachel Said:

How long can my student loan be deferred?

We Answered: - it provides some tips about applying to US federal and state grants for college students.

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