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Department Of Education Student Loan Servicing Center

Deborah Said:

[Urgent!!!] proof read scholarship essay due tomorrow!! plz help me!!!!!!! best answer 10 points!!?

We Answered:


Throughout my life, I have always had goals I wanted to someday achieve. These goals have been my inspiration to always do my best. My ultimate goal in life is to one day be a fashion designer. Designing is something I love to do, and it just gives me a rush unlike anything else. I always knew that there were lots of smaller goals I needed to reach in order to one day achieve that ultimate goal, and I also always knew that I was willing to work as hard as I possibly could to make my dream a reality.

Whenever I was younger, I had to worry about making it through all twelve grades in one piece, and I also tried to educate myself outside of school as much as possible. I always tried to learn new things, meet new people, and enrich my life.
Now that graduation is just months away, my next goal will be to get a bachelor's degree in Fashion Design. After obtaining a bachelor's degree, I will want to pursue my dream, and become an accomplished fashion designer.

During my junior year of high school, I participated in a career preparation program at the non-profit Center for Arts Education. As a participant, I was able to obtain an internship at Bloomingdale’s. During my internship, I gained experience displaying the spring lines of a variety of designers. In addition, I worked with Bloomingdale’s window display costume designer for their renowned Christmas window event. My favorite part of my internship was definitely when I got to help a costume designer complete a design while he created an amazing courtier gown.

In the Spring, I volunteered to be a teacher in the Puerta de Paz Evangelist Christian Church. I am currently teaching young children the word of God twice every month. This community service activity has helped me become a leader and be more responsible when dealing with young children.

This past December, I also volunteered at my school's annual health fair. I was in charge of the health food section, serving a multitude of students healthy foods and drinks. It was my responsibility to show them how to replace certain meals to benefit your body and health.

After school, I participate in many extra-curricular activities. Some of my favorite clubs are Art, Photography and Christian club. In all three of these clubs, I have taken on a leadership position. While I am not an officer, I always voice my opinion. I also have chaired several committees.

My mother is currently unemployed, and we are completely dependent on her unemployment benefits, food stamps, and other forms of welfare. When I was younger, my parents divorced. My father does not support our family whatsoever; it is all up to me to find the money to pursue my dreams.

It will take lots of grants, scholarships, and loans to make my dream of getting a Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design become a reality. I already know I will be in lots of debt after college, but if that’s what it will take to achieve my goals, then it’s worth it. I want to make the most out of my life, and I know that the best way for me to do that is by getting that degree! I'm willing to work hard and do whatever it takes to reach my goals, and any money I can get to help pay some of the expenses would definitely be appreciated and go to good use.

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