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Department Of Education Student Loans

Kelly Said:

Can outstanding student loans off set you rebate check?

We Answered:

Yes they can!
I had an outsatnding student loan that was in default and the dep.of .edu put a stop on my check they took the money that was owed to them and I got the remaining balance a couple of weeks later.
I don't think they can take the stimulus check but im not sure.

Jennifer Said:

How can you claim its about health care when they want to control student loans?

We Answered:

its a power grab. why do you think they are so desperate to pass this bill? if it was really about health care then they will listen to the people and acknowledge their decision and let them know and show them the information in this bill in open doors BEFORE they could go to the next step before doing anything else. so far they have done none of that in the cover of darkness, they are adding more stuff to regulate that has nothing to do with health care, they want to regulate what doctors can and can't do, they want to regulate people by intruding their private lives much more on what we can and can't do. I'm not trusting the government more and more every day. Why should I trust these people? "because they know better than you!". Bull! the only person I can trust to make my decisions for me is myself. the only person who knows better than me is myself and the only person who knows what's best for me is myself. why should I want the government to make decisions for me? why should I want the government to know better than I do? Why should I believe the government knows what's best for me? why am I "too stupid" to make my own decisions for myself? I'll be very stupid to allow the government make decisions for me, to believe they know what's best for me and that they know better than I do. That is the real stupidity that strikes me dumbfounded and I can't understand why they believe that way which discriminates people and its a personal attack on the First Amendment as well as the rest of the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights

Josh Diesel has no clue what we're talking about dose he? this is NOT ABOUT HEALTH CARE NOR STUDENT LOANS!! What part dose he not get about it? this is about POWER GRABS that the government wants to take! they will lie and tell you everything you WANT to hear rather than tell you the TRUTH on what you need to hear

Carla Said:

Department of Education keeps denying my application for student loan discharge due to disability. Help!?

We Answered:

Get a lawyer to help. Explain your case here…
and only the ones specialized in this field will come forward, then you can check them out before you choose, it's free till that point. Good luck

Katherine Said:

Dept of Education/student loan problems..HELP. ADVICE?

We Answered:

If you plan to pay back the money , you can ask for a loan at Prosper. More information at… . You can also try your luck at online charities, people may send donations. More information at

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