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Luis Said:

My health care reformation-does it work?

We Answered:

As long as you don't force everyone to have healthcare. That is the biggest problem with healthcare reform, the government forcing people to have healthcare when they don't want it or can't afford it. The bottom line is that when it comes to people worth helping, if you are making minimum wage and can't afford health care, you probably aren't worth helping. Making everyone have health insurance when they can't afford it puts a drain on the system. If hospitals must treat everyone equally, even poor people, the overall quality in treatment is lowered.

I also like the idea of eliminating employer-provided health insurance. I read that Congress is trying to bankrupt small business by forcing them to provide health insurance if their payroll exceeds 400 grand a year. That is ridiculous. No employer should be required to provide for health insurance.

Peter Said:

10th grade global/ world history essay help please?

We Answered:

you need to turn your essay into a persuasive argument. at its current state, your essay is more of a summary of computing history, it is neutral and lacks key emotional triggers. Rewrite your essay as an argument either pro or against the current nature of society and its reliance on computers and information.

Kelly Said:

My wife Forged my name and now wants a divorce.?

We Answered:

Believe it or not, I think you're making too big of a deal out of her being a good mom and you're using it as an excuse. But bear with me a bit on this :)

You don't say how old the kids are, but what does being a good mom mean? Interest in activities? Taking care of them when they're sick? This is just basic stuff, not something for which you hand out an award.

Everything you said about yourself and your reactions is understandable. And this is especially true of the part where you say if you walk away from the kids, you'll regret it forever.

Don't marginalize your own role as a father. Your wife may be a good mom in some senses of the word, but she's also set a horrid example to these kids about trust, lying, spending money, etc. And you? You were a bit wimpish about the bills. Who has the better character to set a good example for your kids?

When your friends say to go after her for all she's got, and then some say go after the kids, you can do both, but with the priority on the latter. Stop minimizing your abilities to parent! Those kids need a stable life, and you can be the one to give them this. Don't make the same mistake you did before (being too passive) where your kids are concerned. Fight for them!

Vera Said:

Why is emphesis put on art education to be an artist rather than self-discovery?

We Answered:

I understand your point, but the fact is that most people who go to the trouble of attending art school are hoping to use their art in a professional career, not merely to engage in "self-discovery," though they can do that, too. And as in the education for many other careers, there are certain milestones you should pass and standards you should meet, despite the fact that judgment about art is largely subjective.

Like it or not, there are certain things that aspiring artists benefit by learning in a formal setting and by having professionals critique their work and provide guidance. It is, of course, possible to become a professional without those experiences, so if you're convinced of your talent, it is now up to you to convince other people to share that conviction. Or, you could simply enjoy your art as an amateur without caring about what people think of it or even trying to show and sell it.

To be frank, I think you're feeling stung by your failure and resentful, so you're trying to justify yourself by sneering at formal art education and degrees in general. But you must have cared about those things at one point, or you wouldn't have bothered to apply to art college. If you were truly confident, you wouldn't have felt the need to post a question like this.

Besides, your academic problems didn't involve art alone. You're going to have to support yourself at something while you're working on your art, and I don't quite know how you think you can prove to anyone that you have "skills" and are employable if you truly believe that education is pointless. Education is, after all, a way to acquire skills, and if you don't have much of an education, then what skills do you possess that might interest an employer?

Finally, I must point out that artists are judged all the time -- by gallery owners, critics, potential buyers, other artists. You don't sound like someone who would manage that unavoidable aspect of being a serious artist very well.

Jim Said:

How different is the lifestyle in Hong Kong compared to Guangzhou?

We Answered:

I live in Guangzhou now. I also am teaching English If you want more info contact me through my e-mail on yahoo Q and A. I will be more than happy to give you the info I know.

Just so you know... Hong Kong and Guangzhou are completely different.

Patrick Said:

I Lost My Passion Help?

We Answered:

I am in a similar position, I consider going on a vacation,
reading up on different countries, or thinking about
what type of interior design, commercial, residential
etc. Restaurant Design, Theme Restaurants, etc.

Also, reading trade magazines, and following trends.
If you like TV then you can watch the many shows on
that deal with remodeling, or design, etc.

Hope this helps.

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