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Easy Student Loan

Ann Said:

Is it easy to get a student loan? What can I expect? ?

We Answered:

Yep pretty simple I'm 19, have bad credit and still was approved for both a subsidized and an unsubsidized loan.

Dennis Said:

How easy to get a student loan with the economy situation right now?

We Answered:

There's no money left, the banks have given it all away to people who cannot pay it back. About time these so called bankers began to occupy our jailhouses.

Jimmie Said:

Does anyone know a good web site for a fairly easy student loan ?

We Answered:

I went through Citibank Student Loan Corporation. I didn't have any problems with them. You can access it throught he Citibank website.

David Said:

Student Loan - What is the easiest student or personal loan to get without a co-signer?

We Answered:

2 Weeks Before my cousin got Student loan of 23000$ for 4 years on very lowest interest @ 5% and she had repay for her studies when she got .Sounds too good. well you should try for your loan too .
Go to following link and check all loan offering sponsors in search of best repayment schedule and ofcoucre lowest interest rate.

By the way my cousin credit score is too low but she got loan.
Best Of luck!

Bernice Said:

How EASY is it to receive a student loan after being awarded money from my financial aid package?

We Answered:

Please, anybody but Wells Fargo. Most banks give out loans but if your parents didn't qualify for a parent plus loan, they most likely won't qualify for a private loan. It's also not likely that you will qualify by yourself if you are a student.

Depending on how much money you are short and what you are considering "cost of attendance" you might consider a part time job, a roommate, a cheaper school or other ways of cutting expenses or raising income.

Robin Said:

How easy is it to get a student loan?

We Answered:

OK. You should go back and changed it to a four year degree.

Basically, the school receives money from the FED and they prepare a financial aid package for all the students that meet their deadline and that are accepted. The student package consist of Grants, scholarship, Stafford and Perkin loans. This all depends on your family's income and assets. The Federal student loans are not credit base and you do not need a cosigner.

Whatever amount extra that you need, you may have to get a private student loan which is credit base. For this loan you will need a cosigner depending on the lender and your credit history. If you need a private student loans try Discover student loans and Chase. Your school should have a list of all the lenders that offers private student loans as well as a list of scholarships that you can apply for.

I wish you all the best.

Fred Said:

What is the easiest student or personal loan to get without a co-signer?

We Answered:

a federal Stafford loan does not have to have a cosigner and you don't have to pass a credit check. You apply by filling out the fafsa at…

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