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Easy To Get Student Loans

Mildred Said:

Consolidating student loans? (Easy 10 PTS!)?

We Answered:

There's quite a bit to go over... I just found a link that included all the information you'll need. Going with the wrong lender can cost you way too much, so be careful about student loan consolidation. You only get one shot!

Jessie Said:

Are private student loans relatively easy to get as long as you are enrolled/accepted at a college?

We Answered:

Private loans are credit based loans, so as long as you have good credit your good. Why do you need private loans though? I would recommend looking into different schools tuition costs, you do not want to be just starting out in your career owing $60,000 in student loans.

Have you filled out your FAFSA? If not I would recommend doing that before a private loan, the interest rates are much lower.

Leslie Said:

Fast easy student loan?

We Answered:

Apply for FAFSA.

Jane Said:

How easy is it to get student loans?

We Answered: - try this site. It has info about different US student loans and scholarships.

Donna Said:

Are private student loans relatively easy to get as long as you are enrolled?

We Answered:

Private student loans are hard to get unless you (or a co-signer) has good credit. Astrive Loans is quick at approving and sending you a check. I used them for paying for UOP. The process took a little over a week.

Jacob Said:

Easy Student Loans?

We Answered:

Your school should offer the federal perkins loan if its a public one. its federally subsidized and you dont need a cosigner. you can also look for the federal stafford loan.

Vincent Said:

Are student loans easy to get?

We Answered:

Easy to get - tough to pay off.
This should get you started…

Different types of loans have different requirements. Read on:…

As you can see, some loans are based on financial need and some are not. A Perkins loan is based on extreme need and has a very low interest rate plus the student makes no loan repayments while in college.

Also read the articles in the side bar on the right of the second link above.

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