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Ecmc Student Loans

Jeanette Said:

Does anyone know anything about a data theft at the ECMC student loan facility?

We Answered:

Received a letter also today 4-16-2010. Just researched and found this article:…

Clifford Said:

How long credit report - Student Loan?

We Answered:

"My credit record is tarnished because of my defaulted student loan. Is there anything that I can do to improve my credit record?"

Failure to repay your defaulted student loan can be damaging to your credit record. In fact, consumer reporting agencies may continue to report an account for 7 years from the opening date. However, there are several things that you can do to at least partially, and in some cases, fully restore your credit record. Your options for bettering your credit report include: repay or satisfy the loan in full; consolidate your loan through the FFEL loan consolidation program or the William D. Ford Direct Loan Program; or rehabilitate your loan through our loan rehabilitation program.

If you want the negative credit report made by the Department removed, you must successfully complete our loan rehabilitation program.

(Link to loan rehabilitation program, and you are an FFEL loan borrower)

Sorry to give you bad news. You have to pay it on time, else your lender can really come after you.

Allan Said:

Chapter 13 Gone All Wrong...Can They Do This To Us?

We Answered:

I think there's something missing here. While you can't discharge student loans easily through a bankruptcy, they certainly can be discharged through a bankruptcy which is why a student loan company would agree to a partial discharge which is why half the debt would be settled. But ECMC seems to be saying that none of it was discharged in bankruptcy and the numbers here say that the 10.5 K was paid off fairly evenly during the 4 years and none of the original 18K was discharged.

I think that his law firm should contact him and get an explanation. If the law firm won't do it, you should do it. He is not going to say "I'm on to something else now".

Vickie Said:

ECMC Collection agency...any experience with them?

We Answered:

you have to deal with it over the phone, or they will knock on your door and take you and everything you touch or have touched or were even thinking about touching.

Leonard Said:

can i sue ecmc for stolen personal information?

We Answered:

You have to show how much this has cost you in damages before you can sue. You can't sue some company for just being lax or stupid. You have to show the judge proof of your losses.

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