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Education Student Loans

Bob Said:

How does the government controlling all student loans affect the education system?

We Answered:

Eventually, if not already, some congressman will decide that it's not fair that albino Native Americans with Type II diabetes are under-represented amongst the ranks of high-energy nuclear physicists, so he will introduce a bill to make special scholarships and low-interest loans available to them. And thus it will begin.

Special considerations for this, no-interest for that, incentives for the other. Women, minorities, special interest groups, all vying for their special slice of the student loan pie. All in the name of do-goodism and vote buying.

Tonya Said:

Is the american education service a good resource for student loans?

We Answered:

If the website you were looking at is then they are a reliable source for student loans. I used them for my student loans while going to school for my BSBA.

Jean Said:

Do the governments of the United States and the UK have student financial loans for higher education?

We Answered: - it provides some tips about applying to US federal and state grants for college students.

Lester Said:

What Is The United States Federal Governments Role In Student Loans For Higher Education?

We Answered:

Obama signed a bill this year that cuts out the private sector from govt. backed loans. Now HE gets to decide who gets loans and who does not have to pay them back.

Any guesses about who he'll favor?

Jose Said:

How can I learn more about Student/ Education Loans?

We Answered:

see if the shcool you plan on attending has an internaitonal student ssection.

you may be eligible to apply for private loans. If you are an Indian residentl, you may not be able to apply for usa financial aid, but some school have scholarships and educational loans for internaitonal students.

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