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Emergency Student Loan

Danielle Said:

Emergency fund for a grad student with no attachments?

We Answered:

Your emergency fund all depends on what _emergency_ you want to be prepared for.

For most people, emergency could mean unexpected house repairs, medical bills, auto repair, and job loss. For you, it may be different. What are the items in your life that may experience catastrophic failures and what are the likelyhood of actaully happening? AND, if that happens, what are the likelyhood of quick recoverly? (like job loss)

AND, more importantly, what is your comfort zone?

I think you should have at least 3 months bug shoot for 6 months, but that's just MY opinion.

Enrique Said:

What do you need to do to get a student loan deferred after a medical emergency?

We Answered:

Contact the loan company, and tell them you're returning to school in the fall and would like to defer your loan. It's really that simple.

Joy Said:

UH Student-what happens if I default my emergency loan?

We Answered:

there are so many private organization available where you can get a loan. how much time they take to disburse your loan, is up to the work they do and how many paper you can provide to them.
i can tell you who get me my loan,which they provide me when my score is also not good.……

they can help you as well to get approved your loan, and if they cant then don't worry at all there are so many others also who can help you as well. good luck dear.

Felix Said:

Not Paying Back Emergency Student Loans?

We Answered:

They will send your past due balance over to collections. You will have to work with the state to pay it back. It's really bad for your credit and working with state credit collectors will not be fun. Also, you will not be able to attend any other colleges until that loan has been paid or an arrangement has been made.

Vanessa Said:

HELLPPIs there a sight or place where you can get a guaranteed emergency student loan for summer classes?

We Answered:

Try asking the school what types of loans they offer that isn't based on GPA also look into…
or she can try going to her back they always give out student loans and then there is a commercial (sorry I can't remember the name) it usually runs during admission periods they have your check ready in like 48hrs. Hope this helps

Maurice Said:

What is the best way to get a student loan if I don't have the best credit score?

We Answered:

ask your mom

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