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Fafsa Student Loan

Lewis Said:

Can I still apply for FAFSA student loan if school starts soon?

We Answered:

You can still apply, anytime throughout the year...however most of the grant money will already be allotted to students who signed up earlier. Also if you are considered a dependant of your parents then the fafsa will be based off of their income and you may not get anything if they make too much. If you are considered independent then you will most likely get some grant money. It wouldnt hurt to sign up and see what you get. If your parents are willing to pay for this semester, then I would go ahead and sign up for classes on Monday, but I would make sure they would pay first!

Constance Said:

If I apply for a student loan, will FAFSA decrease the amount they are awarding me?

We Answered:

Assuming you mean grants by saying FAFSA, no, they cannot. A Pell Grant MUST be awarded and paid before determining other aid. It can effect how much eligibility you have in student loans and other resources though.

You can receive aid beyond the amount of direct tuition costs, up to the amount of your Cost of Attendance. Cost of Attendance includes tuition, fees & living expenses.

Eugene Said:

$ amount to be Eligibile for a student loan through FAFSA?

We Answered:

You will not qualify for a subsidized loan (government pays the interest) but you should be able to qualify for an unsubsidized loan (your responsible for the interest while in school).

Walter Said:

If i apply for FAFSA student loan does it go directly to a school or will the check come to me?

We Answered:

The FAFSA loan goes to the school first (sometimes you'll get a refund if it's for more than your tuition), and you only receive it if you're already accepted to a school.

If paying application fees is a hardship for you, many schools offer waivers so that the application is free. You could talk to admissions office at the college you're interested in to start on this.

Jaime Said:

Can I apply now for a FAFSA student loan?

We Answered:

Wait a little while longer and then reapply again.

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