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Federal Direct Loan

Randy Said:

How good of credit do you have to have to receive approval on a federal direct plus loan?

We Answered:

it depends on how long ago the bankruptcy took place. with a score like that, I can't imagine that it happened recently. You should try obtaining a loan with you name, even though the parents still have to provide information for themselves. They are usually pretty good about approving people who are in a real financial need for money. The first step that should/should have been done, was to file a FAFSA. Based on that, you can find out what financial aid you qualify for, which includes federal direct stafford loans.

David Said:

What is Federal Subsidized & Unsubsidized Direct Loan?

We Answered:

A Subisdized loan is a student loan you get through your schools finanical aid office and the interest is "subsidized" (paid for) by the federal government while you a student. The unsub is the exact same thing, but the interest is not paid by the government (you pay it). So, of the two, the subsidized loan is the better deal. Both are fixed rate, low interest loans that you don't have to have a cosigner to get.

There is a table in this book with all the different student loan types and amount max and interest rates. check it out;…

Judith Said:

How much can I borrow with a federal direct loan?

We Answered:

If you have over 60 hours you are considered a Junior and can borrow up to 12,500 a year in federal Stafford loans. However, it sounds like you may be at a 2 year school. So they MAY not be able to give you that much. If I were you I'd visit with the schools finanical aid office about how many hours you have "Attempted" because if you are at a community college they will cut your aid off at 90 attempted hours.

IF you don't have any cash saved up, you need to be sure you can earn your RN before you hit that 90 hour "attempted" hour mark. Note: Attempted hours includes hours you completed as well as those hours you may have enrolled in and then later dropped... for many there is not much of a difference, but for others it's HUGE.

Good luck.

Benjamin Said:

Is there a standard Federal Direct Loan disbursement schedule?

We Answered:

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Norman Said:

I am a graduate student. If I am over awarded, do I need to pay back federal direct loan right away.?

We Answered:

No, the loan is still yours. However, if you don't need the money it is best to pay it back before it accumulates interest.

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