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Federal Direct Loans

Diane Said:

How does federal direct loans work.?

We Answered:

They usually pay most of the courses you registered for first (but it depends on how much you were offered in loans).

As for books, they will send you a refund check in the mail of any left over money. But don't count on one if your tuition is high and you don't have a pell grant. You should check with the financial aid office and see if they have a direct deposit system for college financial aid disbursements, it will give you time to buy those books for courses!

Good luck!

Claudia Said:

Do I want to consolidate my Federal Perkins loan with my Federal Direct Stafford Loans?

We Answered:

Hey here's a whole blog filled with tons of useful information regarding federal loan consolidation and student loans. All kinds of info there, hope it helps:) http://federal-loan-consolidate.blogspot…

Max Said:

Does anyone know if direct federal loans used for graduate education can be used in part for textbooks?

We Answered:

yeah they can you can use it for anything college related books, rent , school supplies etc.

Brandy Said:

Are Ford Federal Direct Loans considered part of Adjusted Gross Income?

We Answered:

Financial Aid is never considered part of your income, since it is not money you have "earned" in the workplace. Some Financial Aid, such as most scholarships and grants, does not need to be reported to the IRS. Mostly likely, you will need to report your Financial Aid (loans, especially unsibsidized since they earn interest even while you are in school) to the IRS in order to benefit fully from your tax return. Here are some links to some helpful tax worksheets/ info:… (this is a really helpful page for all information regarding Financial Aid)… (this form is for your unsubsidized loan since it already receives interest)

? cheers!

Jane Said:

where can i find federal direct loans disbursement dates?

We Answered:

Not enough information......... as a result of your intentional vague question, there's no way of viably answering.

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essay to go said:

These Federal Direct Loans FAQ is very helpful for the people wanting this loan. People are in problem and in this way they can find a solution of their problems.