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Federal Direct Student Loans

Danny Said:

Federal direct student loans- outstanding interest balance?

We Answered:

That would only apply to unsubsidized loans, and yes, you can pay the interest while you're in school. You're not required to, though. The loan interest would be applied to your balance once you're not enrolled at least half time. It's just a matter of whether you want to pay now or pay later. My advice? If you can afford to, then yeah, I would pay the interest while you're in school. It'll be that much less that you'll have to repay when you're just out of school and trying to get on your feet.

Jill Said:

I'm trying to set up to pay my student loans (federal direct) online. They want a phone number for my bank.

We Answered:

The branch number will suffice. I think they use the number to verify at times the account & routing numbers if there's a problem.....well and of course, if the funds are not sufficient.

Good Luck.

Claire Said:

How and when do I get money from my federal student loans?

We Answered:

The school will either give you a check, do direct deposit, or a debit card with your refund on it. The school also controls when they give you the money. Some give out refunds right before school starts (my school sends them out 1 week before classes start so we can get our books), shortly after school starts, after the last drop date, mid semester, or at the end of the semester. Most of the time if the school has no way of you putting your books onto your account they will give out refunds earlier than later..

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