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Federal School Loans

Harvey Said:

Have any of you guys used federal school loans to pay off a monthly credit card stament?

We Answered:

You can do it.. no one will stop you.

But ask yourself this: Why in the world would you want to?

Sure the interest rate is lower on a student loan.. but student loans are non-dischargable should you ever have to file for bankruptcy.

I would also not recommend using home mortgage money to pay off credit cards (why would you trade an unsecured debt for a debt that is secured by your home??).

Ramona Said:

Have any of you guys used federal school loans to pay off part of your credit card debt?

We Answered:

Do what you must.

Sounds like you know the rules, you have a situation, you have a plan, and you desire a certain solution.

I honestly don't think you need us to validate the method to your madness.

Christy Said:

Will grad school federal loans cover my living expenses?

We Answered:

You prob won't have much left over after paying for those out of state tuition rates. Consider getting a part time job as well. It's very hard to live off loans alone.

Robin Said:

am i eligible for federal school loans for the rest of my life? are there limits of yrs and total $ for life?

We Answered:

No, as long as there are classes you can attend, they will still give you student aid. You would be called a professional student. I just started and got FAFSA and I'm 43 age doesn't matter

Bobbie Said:

Federal School loans Can you clam it on a Bankruptcy?

We Answered:

No. federal and private student loans cant be discharged in bankruptcy. Like, one person in US history has ever had it go through... some Mentally retarded guy they kept letting enroll and kept flunking out of med school I believe.

Allan Said:

Can default of federal school loans keep you from getting a passport?

We Answered:

one way or another they will get there money ..
i hope you plan on a quick decision because it can take a couple of months for you to here back unless you ask for an appointment at the nearest office

Lewis Said:

Where can I consolidate private and federal school loans for the best rate?

We Answered:

For the most part, your CANT consolidate your federal and private loans together and honestly you wouldnt want to. Go to your former financial aid office and ask them to help track you loans. The stafford will be easier. They can give you the correct link to NSLDS. Private loans will have to be checked per lender.

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