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Federal Student Loan Consolidation

Diana Said:

What company offers the best discount incentives on federal student loan consolidation?

We Answered:

Check out Graduate Leverage. Theses guys are really chill, they give you unbiased rates for consol of all lenders and then show you which one is the best deal. Even if its not with them. They are founded and run by students and honest more than anything. Especially, given, you know with all the mass selling you see everywhere on incentives, these give you a hot incentive. My personal incentive from them was 1% after 17months and 0.25 auto payment credit.

And oh yeah, Customer service, something i thought i would never say ever for any company, is excellent

Anthony Said:

What discounts/incentives do you get on your federal student loan consolidation?

We Answered:

By law, all consolidators of federal student loans must use the same interest rate formula, so lenders try to differentiate themselves with borrower a certain percentage discount if you pay on time, etc.It is important to read the fine print and understand how you become qualified for or disqualified for a lender’s borrower benefits programs. Beyond savings, borrowers should consider customer service, flexible repayment options, online account access and applications, reputation and industry experience when selecting a lender. Lots of shady characters have entered the consolidation market recently, many of whom just "flip" your loan. It's important to do your research and stick with a large, reputable firm.

Sallie Mae offers a special benefit in that if you have a Upromise account, (where you get a deposit into an account for buying everyday things) you can transfer your earnings to pay for your consolidation loan. They also have a quick tool that tells you how much you can save if you consolidate, and lots of good info:…

Nancy Said:

What is the difference between a student federal consolidation loan and a stud. private cons. loan?

We Answered:

Take a look at the site in the resource box below. It should help answer some of your questions.

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