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Federal Student Loan Forgiveness Program

Willie Said:

Would it be beneficial for me to consoldate my student loans?

We Answered:

If you consolidate, then you can't have your loan forgiven.
The website I listed has information on the teacher forgiviness program.…

Sara Said:

Should the Federal Student Loan Program create a loan forgiveness program for those who are unemployed?

We Answered:

Increasing the debt would be detrimental to the economy and therefor jobs even of the college graduate.
Further, such a forgiveness of loans will not foster getting an education in a field that is marketable because it is needed by the society

Charlotte Said:

How could I achieve student loan forgiveness?

We Answered:

I forgive you

Theresa Said:

Public Service Loan Forgiveness: will it still exist?

We Answered:

Yes, it will still exist in my opinion because most people will not be using this option. This loan forgiveness is for federal loans only (not private loans) and you must make your monthly payments on-time, in-full every month... then after 10 years any federal loans that remain will be forgiven, provided that you've worked in public service for the full 10 years. Obviously, the majority of federal loans have a standard 10-year repayment... so, you should already have your federal loans paid off after 10 years (hence why this program has some faults). Now, if you participate in the income-based repayment plan and your income stays low the full 10-years... this could benefit you -- for most individuals this program will never be necessary because the majority of large student loans tends to be private loan debt. If you defer your loans or default on them... you will not qualify for this loan forgiveness (that's where they'll get people because look how many people defer their loans as long as possible by taking one or two classes).

Walter Said:

Will CUSO-VSO International Help You Get Your Student Loans Deferred If You Volunteer?

We Answered: - it provides some tips about applying to US federal and state grants for college students.

Denise Said:

Can I consolidate some of my student loans?

We Answered:

The above statement is not true. If you have eligible Direct Loans, then you can work in public education in ANY capacity and still be eligible for the loan forgiveness program. If you plan on being there for another 10 years, then this idea combined with the income based repayment option may not be such a bad idea. If your loan payment was say, $200 a month over 120 months you would have paid $24,000 total for $50,000 in loans and that is not including all the interest as well. Sometimes consolidation does make sense.

Jimmy Said:

I've heard of student loan forgiveness programs. Are there any credit card forgiveness programs out there?

We Answered:

in my opinion you can contact the company or the bank you two borrow the money and freeze the accounts in that way they will give you chance to pay small amount of loan every month for example: ( you pay £150.00 per month they will reduced too £60.00 per month.) and your interest will not arise this is before or the last step of bankruptcy. try it is worth it . there is nothing who willing to help without their own interest. the best is to talk to one of financial adviser from were you got the loan.
good luck to you two.

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