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Federal Student Loan Program

Thomas Said:

If the federal direct loan program bought all my student loans, are they automatically consolidated?

We Answered:

It cant be automatically consolidated, it is you who give them that information to do that. besides that you also intimate that how much amount you want to do that.=================

Willie Said:

Is there a limit to the amount one can get from the federal student loan programs?

We Answered:

Yes - there's both an annual limit and an aggregate limit (how much total you can get).

The annual limits depend on your grade level (freshman, sophomore, junior/senior) and your FAFSA dependency status. Here are the limits for undergraduate students:

Freshman $5500 dependent, $9500 independent
Sophomore $6500 dep, $10500 indep
Junior or Senior $7500 dep, $12500 indep

Aggregate Loan Limits:
Dependent $31000
Independent $57500

Darlene Said:

How do you feel about the federal student loan program being turned into a predatory lending scheme?

We Answered:

talk to your republican buddies like reagan/gingrich. it's those guys that saw to it that higher education became realm of the elite. they screwed the middle class all right.

Victor Said:

Do conservatives favor eliminating "socialist" federal student loan programs?

We Answered:

Actually, even as a fiscal conservative, I believe that state run higher education should be free to all CITIZENS. (please note that I said CITIZENS)

A well educated populace is good for the country. We need more engineers, teachers, nurses, etc etc etc.

The better educated someone is, the chances are that they will make more money, the more money they make, the more taxes they pay, which will make more money available to put more people through school.

It is a win/win situation. People shouldn't have to go $30k in debt just to get a decent job.

Johnny Said:

conservatives: why are you against the federal student loan program?

We Answered:

I'm not against it at all. In fact, I'm all for it. Perfect example of helping those who are willing to help themselves.

Now, I'm against government grants, as if the student drops out, all that money is wasted. But loans have to be payed back, encouraging students to stay in school, and/or getting jobs to pay off the loans.

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