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Federal Student Loan Rates

Ian Said:

How to find a best Graduate student federal loan?

We Answered:

here are a few sites:

student federal loan

Joe Said:

I need a student loan with the lowest interest rates?

We Answered:

I don't know if you submitted a fafsa yet, but it would be a pretty good idea if you had. This will probably get you a calgrant if you need money. As for loans, you should try and contact your csu's financial aid office. You might want to ask them about a stafford loan, which is basically a loan where the government subsidizes the interest and keeps it fixed at 6.8%, but you must be enrolled at a certain amount of units. So I think your best bet would be to contact your cal state's financial aid office.

Tyrone Said:

What are the current student loan consolidation rates?

We Answered:

Depends on the lender. Check the website of the one you are looking at. It will tell you (check the FAQ's if you can't find it elsewhere on the site).

Nina Said:

Y are private student loan interest rates so much more than federal & y can't i consolidate to get a fed rate

We Answered:

Because Federal Student Loans are subsidized (to help 'poorer'/lower income people), and you have to have little enough income/net worth/family income to qualify!

Peter Said:

Terrible Student Loan Consolidation Rates.?

We Answered:

What I did ?

I kept my low-interest loan (2,9%)

I consolidate my 3 other loans. (5,9% instead of 7,2%)

Good luck !

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