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Federal Student Loan Repayment

Arnold Said:

Bi-monthly Student loan repayment?

We Answered:

Not that I am aware of. they are usuallly monthly. You should call and find out

Marvin Said:

What do the Federal Stafford student loan people consider full and part time when it comes to repayment?

We Answered:

6 hours is part time so as long as you take that, you're fine.

Jerome Said:

Federal job benefit about "Student Loan Repayment"?

We Answered:

Only for a few positions, such as teacher or doctor in underserved areas. Other than that, you are on your own and if you don't pay, the government has a right (and has started) to garnish your paycheck without having to go to court (it's in your job agreement).

Cheryl Said:

Student Loan Repayment Jobs Best Worst Fastest?

We Answered:

go to and take out a loan. if you are approved you will find out in minutes and use that money to pay off your student loans. provides a cheaper interest rate so it will be easier to pay it off

Mario Said:

What's the best way to use 20,000?: Student loan repayment?

We Answered:

Have you asked the loan company what the impact of an lump sum principal only payment would be? I would be afraid that if i held on to it I would spend it on something else. If you make a principal only payment you would be reducing the amount of interest you would be paying for the life of the loan.

Jackie Said:

How does the Student Loan Repayment Program work in the army?

We Answered:

have you incurred the expenses already? are you going to be an officer, or are you planning to take classes after you have enlisted? or after you get out, my husband did his after he got out and there was no problem in them paying for his classes, there however was specific paperwork he had to fill out before he got into school and each semester to get the payments done.

Victor Said:

Why did we spend $12 MILLION repaying the STUDENT LOANS of federal employees?

We Answered:

Because liberalism is a gigantic parasite sucking the lifeblood from our nation.

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