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Federal Student Loans And Grants

Gregory Said:

federal student loans, grants etc?

We Answered:

you would have to pay it all back.But they might accept it if you write a letter to your loan office explaining what happen . Doctors notes etc might help you along the way to show proof.

Joel Said:

Chase certified student loan affect my federal loans?

We Answered:

I've borrowed from both federal and chase student loans in the same academic year (because the federal loan didn't cover my entire tuition) and the private chase loan did not effect the federal loan.

I would think the answer is no.

Felix Said:

Student Federal Loans, Grants, FAFSA?

We Answered:

First, the school will NOT send back the financial aid money they do not use. They will give it to least once a semester. If the money is grants, you do not have to pay it back. If they are loans, you eventually will have to pay it back.

Second, just because you are living off campus doesn't mean you can't use federal student loans. I lived off campus for grad school and used my Stafford money to help with a portion of my rent and utilities. It takes a bit of planning... and remember you may not have the money before school starts... but I had a job and had saved up my own money as well.

Also, When you apply using the FAFSA you have the option of taking out a federal student loan. You should indicate "Yes" because the federal student loans will have an interest rate that is less than HALF what you will get with a private student loan. Not to mention you won't have to have a cosigner. Also, don't forget... the money from your loan (if you have any left over after paying tuition and fees) WILL BE GIVEN TO YOU.... to do with to pay for rent, utilities, transportation costs... etc.

Don't take out a private student loan, do the Federal ones you are offered through fafsa and your schools financial aid office. You will need a credit worthy cosigner and if you cant afford payments, were to die or become disabled, your cosigner will have to repay your loan.

Dora Said:

Federal Pell Grants and Student loans and an IRS tax Lien?

We Answered:

denied. when you owe the iRS and now you want more federal money are you one of the big 3

Jeanette Said:

is federal funding for student loans a scam?

We Answered:


Yes, you were scammed. The only way to get federal loans and grants for education is by filling out your FAFSA. You can do this at:
This is a free service.

Kay Said:

Why are people so upset about if you are convicted of a drug violation you can't get federal student loans?

We Answered:

I think their reasoning is that for some, it was a stupid thing they did when they were young. They regret it now and want a chance to get on with their lives and make something of themselves. However, because of this one incident years ago, they can no longer get federal student loans.

However, I do agree that for habitual and continuing drug users, they should be denied federal aid. If they can't even manage to lay off drugs, what makes anyone think they will make good use of the money and go to classes.

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