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Federal Student Loans Website

Alfred Said:

If my federal student loan has not defaulted will I receive the IRS tax rebate?

We Answered:

If it's not in default, you're good to go.

Ryan Said:

Can my federal refund be offset by anything other than student loans or back taxes.?

We Answered:

Probably if you had agreed to it in the fine print of the loan documents or credit application you previously signed. The fine print will kill you every time.

Elaine Said:

How can i find who i borrowed PRIVATE student loan money from?

We Answered:

A large number of college students receive financial assistance from a grant, work-study program, or Federal student loan. However, due to rising college tuition, traditional financial aid doesnt always the expense. When there is a difference between the education costs and financial aid received, students must find a way to pay the excess.

Federal student loans place limits on how disbursed money is used. However, a private student loan can pay for a variety of education-related expenses such as a laptop, rent, transportation, etc

Bobby Said:

Federal student loans?

We Answered: - it provides some tips about applying to US federal and state grants for college students.

Agnes Said:

What is the student loan website?

We Answered:…

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