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Federal Student Loans

Grace Said:

Are federal student loans and state student loans the same thing?

We Answered:

I've never heard of a state student loan, so apparently my state doesn't offer them. Here is the interest information on the federal loans so you can compare and choose if you need to.
Good luck

Tiffany Said:

Can you deduct interest paid on federal student loans on your taxes? If so up to how much?

We Answered:

You can't write off accrued interest. You can only write off the interest that you paid. If you are still a student you probably aren't making any payments on your loans. You will get a 1098-E in the mail from any student loans you have and that amount is what you can write off, up to $2500 this year.

It's a front page deduction which means it is deducted dollar for dollar from your income. This will make your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) smaller and therefore your tax obligation a bit less.

Jim Said:

If you've had bad grades in college before, will you still be able to get federal student loans?

We Answered:

****ignore ANITA-JOHN. this person just joined and is filling up the net with scam-info.****

->Heres the deal. Its up to your school FIA center.

You gpa follows you from the school you went to only.... (DONT FLAIR UP PEOPLE, im getting to the other half of that statement now!!!!).

But of course if you have passed some classes and want to transfer them to your new college, you UNFORTUANTLY have to send your entire record over and their FIA dept will see it, and based on your GPA it CAN prevent FIA, until the scores are brought up.

Follow my story below, its a recent situation, simular to yours and it might help. it has a happy ending.

I went throught the same thing recently... 10 yrs ago I signup to go to my local college, i filed for classes for the next 2 semesters (2 classes each semester). half way through the 1st semester, i just stopped going, and guess what, I didnt know about With-drawling from the next semester either.

so 10 yrs later (Last aug-2009), I decided it was time to start on a degree. I applied for FIA and got it.
took the semester got A's in 1 classe. Next semester took 2 more classes and got A's. went to take the Summer Semester and right before classs started, all my FIA was pulled for a failing GPA average.
I went off to the school, saying I cant afford college out of pocket, and Ive made A's on everything, why hold a 10 yr old problem against me when I was a little kid???? They said you must not have below a 1.6 gpa, and apparently 1 of the 2 classes i recently took was pre-college classes, so it didnt count toward GPA, and the other 2 A's with 4 (zeros) from 10 yrs ago, still didnt pass.
But they didnt let me fall through the cracks, I set down with them, and we talked it over, and they let me fill out a form used for people in my situation.. They just dont offer this information up front, they want to know this time im really going to make something happen, and not drop out again as soon as I hit my first bump

Long story short, my average is up to a 1.95GPA (still all my classes are A's & B's). But now that I have more then 16credits since my last seperation of 5 yrs or more, they have another thing for me, a 1 time removal of all old grades from my record of any D's & F's. So now that is in process, so my GPA soon should be a 3.5 and I should fall on a deans list or something..

Hope this story helps..


Alfredo Said:

How can I re-pay my US Federal student loans, if making overseas dollars?

We Answered:

Your bank should be able to do this for you. My student loan is taken directly out of my checking account, you should be able to set that up as well. Of course the exchange rate will affect the amount each month.

Carlos Said:

How do I find out how much I owe for federal student loans?

We Answered:

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Paula Said:

Do I have to pay off federal student loans from the U.S. before I can become a New Zealand citizen?

We Answered:

i think that you should ask your school and see what they say. usually you have a fixed time to get then paided off. but in your situation i would ask the financial aid office.

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writing service said:

No, those two are different types of loans given on different purpose to the students. Federal loans are the one which were given to international students as they are will be joining the universities as foreign students so they will get those loans. The citizens of that country will get state loans according to province they live.