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Federal Students Loans

Annie Said:

What do I do when my private and federal student loans have maxed out?

We Answered:

Get a job.

Thomas Said:

Will my federal students loans cover the spring semester if I got bad grades in the fall?

We Answered:

depending on how bad your grades were they still should cover you. if you didn't get a letter from your school stating that you are on probation then you should be good. the first warning is probation in which they are giving you a chance to get your grades back up and keep your financial aid. then if you didn't pull your grades up i believe they would suspend you but there is a document that you can sign if you did get put out so that you would not have to stay out of school and miss out on allot. i forgot what the form is called but i believe you get one shot and excuse at the form and you have to tell them the reason you think you did not do good that semester and then let them know how you are going to change for the better and have a plan to graduate and do better in school.
hope that helps.
i hope that you do better in school so that you don't have to go through any of this mess.
i know because i was in college and got caught up in a dude and working all the time.

Diane Said:

Will filing bankruptcy affect my federal students loans and how? Will it close my current credit accounts too?

We Answered:

Student loans are not bankruptable. Sorry, looks like you are going to have to own this one, no bail out for you.

Elmer Said:

how can i consolidate both my private students loans and my federal student loans together?

We Answered:

You can not put the two together and you should not anyway. Federal loan consolidation is a better deal than private loan consolidation. You have to keep them separate!

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My advice is that to get a good job with nice pay for you than only you can get out of that maxed up and pay your loans easily. Generally federal loans are given at the time of study and they must be repaid by the student once he completes is education and gets job to himself.