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Find Student Loans

Evelyn Said:

Where can i find a good private student loan? What are your experiences with private loans?

We Answered:

There are no such thing as "good" private loans. There are many reasons why a school doesn't have the privilege to get federal loans and not a single on of them is in your favor trust me. I always love the way they word it... "the school doesn't accept federal loans".... lol

This is an inaccurate and another way of saying, "the federal government has taken away our privilege of the school getting federal funding". They prob were defrauding students or their default rate got way too high.

It's time to find a better school. One that does federal student loans. Without a cosigner with awesome credit, a long term stable employment history and a high income, you won't get approved for the sub-prime private student loans.

Lee Said:

Where can i find student loans with out a credit check?

We Answered:

Stafford Loans do not require a credit check. Nearly everyone qualifies for Stafford Loans. You must complete the FAFSA to qualify for any kind of student loans. Then contact your schools financial aid office. You are not required to accept anything that's offered. You must apply to a school to find out exactly what you qualify for.

Lena Said:

Where do I go to find the student loans I have accrued thus far?

We Answered:

Call your old college and ask them to pull up your NSLDS.

Kelly Said:

Where can I find student loans for people with bad credit and no checking account?

We Answered:

I agree with Sunshine and Amber. It was what I was going to post!

Dean Said:

Where can I find student loans for a non-accredited college?

We Answered:

I'm sure your guidance counselor at school can help you. Watch those could end up paying a fortune and owing for a long time after graduation. Ask your counselor about applying for scholarships.

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