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Get Student Loans

Manuel Said:

What to do when you run out of student loans?

We Answered:

No, it means all you can get is the total cost of tuition & books. Call a few of those companies & ask. Also, since you're in last year, ask mom, dad, aunt, whoever you can for a personal loan. Also, get a job. Waiting tables can be really good $$ for minimum hours put in. Dinner or cocktail only. There's no money in breakfast or lunch.

Willie Said:

Financial responsibility for student loans made before marriage?

We Answered:

When you are married you both take on all of each others debts. But this really just means that if you die she has to pay it. As long as you are around they will be coming after you. Since she did not co-sign her individual accounts cannot be docked, but your joint taxes can be and any joint bank account.

Gertrude Said:

What does it mean when my student loans have a zero balance due to a claim?

We Answered:

That is a question they should be able to answer for you. Is it possible there was a class action suit? Or included in bankruptcy? Contact them and find out.


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