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Getting Student Loans

Rose Said:

How do i go about getting student loans?

We Answered:

Something like that you would most likely need to get a student or personal loan from your local bank. A bank will usually require you show proof of enrollment to get a student loan and a co-signer will most likely be needed for both.
The loan they offer you will most likely be a 3 year loan and the payments will decent.

Joseph Said:

Will getting married affect my student loans?

We Answered:

The answer will vary. If you are referring to any federal grants or scholarships, yes it can affect and disqualify you.

If you are talking about a preexisting loan, your husband is not liable.

On any future loans you will have to put down you are married and it may or may not depending on the type of loan ask for his information. As long as you keep him separate he is not liable.

However, his income can affect your ability to get say forbearance's or deferments in the future.

That said on a side note. YOu do not need to put your husbands income in your US tax return if he earnings anything. It is a much more complicated tax process. I suggest you get a tax specialist, as you will need to file as head of household with foreign spouse.

Gwendolyn Said:

Will student loans stop me from getting a home loan?

We Answered:

When applying for a home loan your credit report will be reviewed and you may be required to provide a number of other details, including: Employment and income records, Tax Returns for the last few years List of assets, List of liabilities and what you owe, Your budget showing monthly living expenses so that you can demonstrate an ability to pay.

With this information you and your lender will be able to determine the kind of home loan and size of the right mortgage for you. In some cases, you can obtain a pre-approval or pre-qualified certificate, which shows how much you can borrow so that you can then shop for homes in an appropriate price range.

Joanne Said:

Will filing bankruptcy prevent me from getting student loans?

We Answered:

It depends. If your lender is not the federal government (eg. stafford loan) then it might. Generally you can get federally subsidized loans no matter what your credit score/history looks like. But if you need to get a loan that is not subsidized then either your interest will be a lot higher (to account for the increased risk) or you won't be able to get a loan.

You should pursue all grants that you are eligible for before taking out a loan.

Delores Said:

How do you pay for college as an adult w/out getting student loans?

We Answered:

How did you do it financially?

You do it one or two courses at a time - paid for through earnings from a job at a state school

Clyde Said:

How many promissory notes are there when getting student loans from the same institution?

We Answered:

Whether or not you have a second MPN depends on your school. Some schools require students to do a new MPN every year. Others don't require it if the borrower is a returning student who is using the same lender. You should contact your school or your original lender (in this case, Citibank) to see what the situation is with your second MPN. I would start with your lender. If that doesn't help, see if the school where you borrowed the funds can help you sort the situation out.

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