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Government Student Loans For College

Charlotte Said:

federal government student loans?

We Answered:

I am answering this because I have no idea what you are asking. You also told us not to answer, so I am asking ->

What is your question?

Victoria Said:

Where do I start to apply for government student loans?

We Answered:

You start with the FAFSA

Fill it out and have it sent to the college of your choice. Then see the financial aid officer at that college after they've received the results.

That's all there is to it.

Pauline Said:

New law on college loans? deadlines for current government loans?

We Answered:

Ok, first of all, the hype over student loans is over nothing. You will still be eligible for the same amount of federal student loans as you would have been eligible for this year as you will be for this coming year, except the interest rate will be LOWER. Also, you will need to take out the federal loan via the school rather than a bank, but most people did this anyways (i did myself).

As an independent student you will be eligible for the following amount of federal stafford loans per year:

Freshmen: $9,500
Sophomore: $10,500
Junior and Senior: $11,500 each yr

If your family demonstrates financial need then a large portion of those loans may be subsidized by the government (meaning the gov't pays your interest while you're enrolled in school). If you're family is very financially needy then you may qualify for the pell grant which is free money given to you by the government to attend school.

To apply for these programs file a FAFSA before you enroll in classes at A few weeks prior to starting classes you can do the entrance counseling and sign the master promissory note to take out the loans online (this takes about an hour). There is no credit check or co-signer required for stafford loans. When classes begin your loan money will be dispersed. It's that easy.

There are also no deadlines for fed student loans. I took one out 2 weeks before the semester ENDED and was ok. haha. If you want the loan money to be applied to tuition rather than living expenses, however, I would take it out a few days before the semester begins

Here is a link for more info on the gov't financial aid programs

Christine Said:

If student loans are made available through the government for college would it be fair to have the students?

We Answered:

No - maybe Grants but not loans. Loans are paid back, and there is no way I'd see a creditor being able to make these kinds of conditions on a contract and still be in the business. It would cost more to drug test every client than it would to just loan to a few people who actually won't pay their loan back.

Misty Said:

Do you guys think that the government should pay off student loans for college graduates due to the economy?

We Answered:

Absolutely not. If they're not willing to bail out the companies who are lending you the money and waiting for you to pay it back, they don't have an obligation to bail you out. I work for a student loan company and we recently had to stop lending until the bank that owns us is able to lend again. We aren't getting any bail out money so we're pretty much just waiting for students to repay their loans. By repaying them on-time you are building credit. If you got a bail out, your credit probably wouldn't look too good because it would show you weren't able to pay your own debt. Just be on time with those minimum payments and continue to use your degree. You'll be fine. :)

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