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Graduate School Loans

Fred Said:

do students need to continue paying off undergraduate loans when going to graduate school?

We Answered:

Yes, you can put your loans on hold while you're in graduate school.

Brad Said:

What's the average repayment on post-graduate school loans (for a bachelor's degree)?

We Answered:


Vera Said:

How can I get money (not loans) for graduate school?

We Answered:

I would suggest the book "free money to change your life" by matthew lesko. It has done wonders for me. It has a list of scholarship programs and little known grants. A lot of these grants are very specific, like people that are studying native american history, women's studies, or environmental stuff. There are also a lot of reimbursement programs that states have for doctors, nurses, teachers, etc. so a lot of it depends on what program you are planning to go into. another option is finding some work with an employer that will help pay for your program, get into a fully funded PHD program, or join the military reserves. the military offers a lot of benefits and you can do stuff, like be a nurse, doctor, lawyer, etc while still serving so it can work out well. i suggest you go to the library and look through the lesko book or order a cheap used copy of it from good luck

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There no rule that you should pay your undergraduate loan before going into graduate school. It is left to the students what he like doing. If student do want to work after under graduation compilation than there is good change for him to complete his loan. said:

The first thing that you can afford this because most of the time this type of things give you tension only. I hope you got it what I want to explain to you and try to take advice from others too.