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Graduate Student Loan Consolidation

Willie Said:

What are the best private student loan consolidation companies?

We Answered:

Wells Fargo might be the only one worthwhile these days. Look for ones that have little or no origination fees and have reductions if the money you owe is periodically auto-deposited.

Manuel Said:

What to do about student loan consolidation?

We Answered:

Because of the student loan reform act many lenders pulled out of the consolidation field. The ones that remain do so on a limited basis. Generally once they reach their monthly quota of loans they stop taking any others. This means you'll likely need to check sites like for their list of lenders every week to see who is or is not offering consolidation loans at that time.

Unfortunately there is no easy way of doing it at this point, but just be patient and you'll find a lender to do the consolidation.

Gordon Said:

Are there any banks or agencies still doing student loan consolidation?

We Answered:

All of the banks should be doing that because student loans are protected from bankruptcy. You just need to find a bank with the capital to purchase your loans. Look at midwestern founded banks and some that really specialize in student loans like western union.

Anthony Said:

will getting a federal consolidation loan affect your chances of getting graduate school loans?

We Answered:

Yes, it is likely to affect your credit rating if you are to consolidate your loans. It sounds like this is unfortunate for you as you really want to do the correct thing. I would ensure first that a consolidation loan really is the way to go as student loans are generally cheaper.

Bradley Said:

Where can I get financial consultation or advice on student loans, consolidation, credit scores and mortgages?

We Answered:

These question haunt many of us and if you can get it together and get over this in the short of it let us all know!

Donna Said:

I need to advertise for a student loan debt consolidation company that targets students around UF, ideas?

We Answered:

post a brief on your services on their university's classified

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