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Graduate Student Loans

Allen Said:

If you join the reserves, will they assist you in repaying graduate student loans?

We Answered:

if you oin the reserves they will pay for your college education therefore you wont need to take out loans.

Margaret Said:

Under the new stimulus package, can a graduate with student loans have some forgiven when working non-profit?

We Answered: - it provides some tips about applying to US federal and state grants for college students.

George Said:

What do i do with student loans once i graduate?

We Answered:

hello there,

Upon graduation, the government requires that you consolidate all of your student loans...

They will actually penalize you if you choose not to consolidate your loans..

In all reality though, it is in your benefit to take advantage of this program..

The reasons are as follows..

1st. this is a free program offered by the govenment

2nd. it takes all of your loans with variable interest rates and puts them into one single FIXED RATE LOAN

(This alone can save you thousands of dollars because your rates cant rise after consolidation)

3rd. By consolidating it simplifies your finances.. For instance, if you have 6 loans, you would have to send 6 payments each month... Thats 6 checks, 6 stamps, 6 envelopes, you see where im going with this... Once consolidated, you make one payment to one lender..thats it...

4th. Being you are consolidating, the new fixed rate is based off of the "weighted average" of your current laons interest rates... So the sooner you consolidate the better because the rate will be lower...


I dont kknow about you but when i graduated, the first thing i was worried about is how much will i have to apy each month on my loans.. This will ensure an affordable payemnt...

5th. last but not least, the entire process can be DONE IN JUST 10 MINUTES... I gather the information over the phone, and you electronically online if you have internet access.. Very hassly free process, you dont need any paperwork or documents, the NSLDS (National student loan database system) has all the information we need available online...

Also once consolidated, you have options of deferment and forebearance as well which can give you as much as 3 years after graduation wioth NO PAYEMNTS!!!

I know this is alot of information to throw at you, and the government doesnt do the best job of explaining to college kids why it would make sense to consolidate your loans...

It definitely is a wise decision...

Take a lok at my yahoo 360 profile.. You can find alot of information about consolidation and also direct links to my companies website...…

I work with Student Aid Lending, we are a nationwide lender administed by the department of Education (We have a title IV license)

Feel free to call or email me and i can process the entire consolidation for you in just 10 minutes over the phone..

I hope this helps, and again, do not hesitate to call or email me with any additional questions!

Jason Fry
Financial Advisor
Student Aid Lending
1-800-964-0642 ext. 114

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