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Grants For Student Loan Repayment

Andre Said:

Can Student Loans Company Set my overpayment repayment amount?

We Answered:

No don't stop paying back your other debts, if anything this one should be put to the back. Prioritise your bills, rent, council tax and credit cards/loans are most important, the overdraft will wait but you need to keep up with repayments for the loan and credit card. Write a letter to the student loan company (keep a copy of the letter) stating that your unable to afford the amount set by them but you can afford to pay this much each month, there more likely to accept an offer by letter then over the phone because there unable to bully you into agreeing to things and you will also have written prrof if there rude or abusive. so there more co-operative by letter the phone. Keep all letters sent back and keep a copy of all letter sent to them, try and send them recorded so they can't turn around and say they never recieved the letter (made that mistake myself) if they accept the offer then all well and good. If they don't take any letters you have sent and recieved along to the CAB who can negotiate on your behalf. If they still don't ccept your offers, let them take you to court, bring any letters you have of offers made and the court will make them take your offer whether they like it or not.

Charlene Said:

Can student grants convert to a student loan?

We Answered:

This sounds fishy, talk with your daughters' schools finacial aid counselor before signing papers. She should be able to tell you everything. The only way this may be true if she did not sign up for federal financial aid and they have to wait to see if there is any funds left.…

Danny Said:

Does anyone know of a grant program for student loans? Not debt consolidation, but debt repayment.?

We Answered:

no such thing - a loan is a loan - you need to pay it back - student loans can never be discharged in a bankruptcy either - but if you don't pay, you can get your wages garnished and kiss your tax refunds goodbye - they will be intercepted

what did you expect the fine print to say?? that you didn't have to pay back the loan? are you kidding us?

Mike Said:

Student Finance loan repayments

We Answered:

you start paying it back when you earn over £15,000, there is monthly interest but its the smallest around for a loan... if your a student but dont need the money from a loan and good thing to do would be to get it anyway and put it in a high interest savings account, then pay it back when your finished.... free money!

Christopher Said:

"Repayment of grants" on my student loans?

We Answered:

You have to pay back the amount the school tells you you have to pay back. The amount depends on exactly how far into the semester you got before you dropped. Financial aid has to be "earned" and since you were given aid based on a full time enrollment status and you did not maintain that you wind up owing. The school will tell you exactly how much you have to repay.

The note on your account appears to indicate you got more than just a student loan. It appears you were also given grants and they expect you to pay all or a part of that back.... again, the school will tell you how much.

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