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Help Paying Back Student Loans

Allen Said:

How do I get out of paying back my Student Loans?

We Answered:

If you are disabled enough to qualify for Social Security Disability you may be able to waive payment. Contact the lenders.

Robin Said:

why should you have to pay back student loans when the school went bankrupt before you finished?

We Answered:

If your loans are federal (e.g. Stafford, Perkins) in some cases your loans CAN be discharged (i.e. the debt will be forgiven). This kind of loan cancellation typically applies to "closed" schools. Does your school still exist? You can find out if it is considered closed by looking it up on the official Dept. of Education website, here:… . If your school is listed here, you might be able to have your debt forgiven. You may have to make a few calls, but it could be worth it! To contact the Department of Education Case Team for your state look it up here:…

If your school does still exist, you might have a bit of a problem. Technically, when you borrowed the loans, you signed an Entrance Interview form agreeing to the terms of the loan. One of these "terms" was that you agree to repay your loan even if you (a) do not complete the program and/or (b) are dissatisfied with the program.

Ernest Said:

Paying back student loans?HELP??!!?

We Answered:

You have 6 months after you completed school. Unless you can prove economic hardships after the 6 months which is hard, you can defer it. But $2000 should be easy since the interest rate is so low. It definitely not take you 10 yrs.

Mathew Said:

how long can you take to pay back student loans? ?

We Answered:

Federal loans like the Stafford and Perkins are automatically put on a 10 year repayment plan. Private student loans are usually 15 years or more. Your paperwork should have your terms listed.

Edgar Said:

What is it called when you dont have to pay back student loans for excelling in school??

We Answered:

Search "loan forgiveness" + your state's name. Most loan forgiveness relates to the subject area of your degree plus where and in what field you will work. A couple of states do reward graduates with good GPA. (And of course, loan forgiveness only applies to government loans, not private ones.)

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