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Help With Defaulted Student Loans

Dianne Said:

Are their experts you can hire to help you with defaulted student loans?

We Answered:

There is no statute of limitations on student loans. You can be old, gray and retired and your SS benefits can (and will) be garnished to pay on this loan.

You must pay through the debt collector. You no longer owe Sallie Mae. Sending your money to them will just complicate things and not get your payments credited. "not acknowledging" your new interest rate and default rates does not mean you don't have to pay for them... sorry. It takes an incredibly long time to be defaulted on student loans (2 years or something like that) so it's not like you didn't have warning to make arrangements to be SURE you can afford these payments (moving in the parents garage).

Time to get a second (or third) job to pay off your debt or turn in the required SSD documentation. Good luck.

Gina Said:

How Can I Stop My Defaulted Private Student Loans From Going To Court?

We Answered:

If you start sending them money and they cash the checks, that means that they have accepted your payments and they cannot take you to court. For example, I had the same thing happen to me with a credit card bill. I didn't have the entire amount they wanted, so I sent them some money, I think it was like $200, then they cashed the check. As soon as they cashed the check they couldn't take me to court. But you will have to make the same payments each month, otherwise they can take you to court if you don't pay.

Kathy Said:

I want to teach. I defaulted on student loans. Any resources to help a single mom get back in school?

We Answered:

You need to go to
You can consolidate the loans you defaulted on, and after you do that you will be eligible for aid again. You can even take out new student loans. The process takes several weeks, so you need to get started asap. I promise you this is the truth, I had to help a friend do the same thing. Good luck!

Rick Said:

Can the govt take money from food stamps to pay defaulted student loans?

We Answered: - it provides some tips about applying to US federal and state grants for college students.

Sean Said:

I have double defaulted on my student loans, is there anyway to get into good grace without12str8tpaymnts?

We Answered:

I would say you first need to get some income. You cant pay bills if you arent working. Then what you need to do is start sending them what you can afford. It may not be what they are asking for, but at least you would be trying. When you get a bit more financially able, then try and start to make the monthly amount that they are suggesting. If you dont pay them at all then they can take your tax refunds ever year until it is paid off in full.

They will appreciate something more than nothing.

They way that I found to be helpful when i had to pay back my loans was to break them down by loan incurred. One loan was for 1200, one for 1800, etc. Then I started paying off that loan.. It made the final number not look so bad.

Eventually I had it paid off, but it took some time. Just dont get caught with NOT paying it because it can haunt you for years to come and can even make it impossible for you to own a home later in life, etc.

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