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How Can I Get A Student Loan

Stella Said:

How can i get a student loan if i have bad credit?

We Answered:

I'm currently shopping for student loans too. For private student loans, you can only be approved on your own merit or you have to have a cosigner. I had a friend in the same situation and she contacted local banks and explained the situation. They were able to give her a loan, but she had a much higher interest rate.

I'd see if someone in your family would co-sign a loan for you. I'd also suggest that you apply for scholarships. I wish you the best of luck!!!! :-)

Allison Said:

How long after graduation to pay a student loan?

We Answered:

Government student loans give you six months between leaving school and starting payment (no payments/interest in that time).

You also can get a forbearance on government student loans. You would get something like another six months without payments, then start repaying or get another forbearance. Usually being unemployed will get you there. However, be aware that you WILL be charged interest on a loan in forbearance.

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