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How Much Student Loan Can I Get

Karen Said:

How much money can you get in a student loan?(UK)?

We Answered:

Hey, Im a US student and I go to a school in london. It's crazzy that we dont receive aid, but for loans it depends on what year you are and if your parents qualify for a Parent PLUS Loan:one of your parents will have to apply for this in order to qualify for a higher loan.
If you are a freshman: $6500
If your parents dont qualify for a Parent PLUS Loan: $9500

Parents dont qualify: $10500

Hope this helps!!

Suzanne Said:

How can a student get a loan to start a small espresso cart operation?

We Answered:

you can get a loan for 50% of total cost probably.

however 9 bucks an hour 30o hours week is good money(these days) i knwo it still sucks but this economy is horrid.

is there ANY way you can save more money, etc, move back to home, cut out the cell phone, take the bus instead of the car.

to be a business owner you have to live like a refugee(atleast a for a while)

God bless

Ryan Said:

Just wondering, how much is too much student loan debt?

We Answered:

A debt of $160,000 is quite a lot. Especially for your field of study. That's roughly the same amount of debt a doctor or lawyer would have after their Master's degree. So I supposed you just picked a very expensive school for your education.

Too much student loan debt is a debt you can't pay off.

From the looks of it. A $160,000 debt, and if the life of your loan is 15 years, you are looking at paying around $1,500 a month after you graduate. Not including the interest.

So if you think you can afford $1,500 a month for loan payments, and for living expenses. Then you should be OK.

To help lower your total loans, start making small payments NOW. Payments as little as $20-$50 per month (per loan) will make a difference. If you don't have to, don't wait until after you graduate to start paying on your loans. Also, consolidate your loans to lower your monthly payments.

P.S And ask your lender about discounts, such as setting up a automatic monthly payment plan can decrease your loan by 0.25%.

Martha Said:

How much student loans is too much? very long -?

We Answered: - it provides some tips about applying to US federal and state grants for college students.

Dan Said:

How much student loans could I get?

We Answered: - it provides some tips about applying to US federal and state grants for college students.

Victor Said:

Is this too much student loan debt?

We Answered:

First, I'm reporting the folks who responded with "here's a great place to get a loan". I hate spammers!!

Second, please consider your earning potential and likelihood of getting a good-paying job vs the amount of debt you would be in when you get your Masters. Would you absolutely *have* to have a Masters? Or could you get a job with the Bachelors and maybe work on the Masters part-time while earning some money?

Third, have you checked into every conceivable type of financial aid? There are scholarships out there that many folks don't know about. Even a small $500 scholarship would cover several books. Please check every nook and cranny for financial shortcuts.

I wouldn't say you're making a stupid decision, and I think it's great that you're thinking ahead to the debt you will have facing you. I wish you good luck in whatever you are doing - I had enough trouble finishing my Bachelors.

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