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How To Consolidate Student Loans

Diane Said:

We are about to buy a house, but my husband wants to consolidate his student loans. Should we wait?

We Answered:

Any action you take at this point will not likely affect the outcome of your loan. Your lender has already pulled your credit report and has pre-approved the loan. They will pull it again to see if anything changed, but, again, what ever action you take today is not likely to show up on your credit report for at least 30 days.

Having said that, consolidating his student loans (by doing it himself) may be a good idea from an interest rate perspective. But consolidating from a score perspective may not buy you anything.

And definitely don't use a "Debt Consolidation" service to handle this for you. It is likely to cost you more in the long run.

Peggy Said:

how do u consolidate student loans?

We Answered:

If you have federal loans you can use Direct Loans (direct from the government) to consolidate them. If you have private student loans then you will need to see if you can consolidate with your lender. If you have a combonation of federal and private you can only consolidate all of youe federal loans together with direct loans. Below is the link for a direct consolidation loan.

Marian Said:

How do consolidate my student loans?

We Answered:

Maybe you can try below website to get the information you need. It's about student loan consolidation articles for your second opinion.

Gene Said:

What is the best company to consolidate my student loans through?

We Answered:

im in the same boat and i actually paid a 100 a month while still in school, during my BA and it ended up being only 10,000 after i graduated, then i went into deferment again while i am finishing up my MBA but again i paid every month, as much as i could afford, and it doesn't go towards the interest, just the principal, i consolidated through Wachovia and it seems fine, just have to make sure i monitor my interest rate. There is no early payment fee on most federal financial aid, but watch out for private companies, sometimes they tax you hard if you prepay or finish your repaymetn early.

Michelle Said:

If I consolidate my student loans, will that lower my credit score?

We Answered:

Consolidating your student loans will make little to no impact on your credit score in itself, but if consolidation helps you to make your payments and to not be late, then over time it will definitely help you RAISE your score. Whatever you do, make sure you keep up on your payments and don't be late. Then your credit will go up. Good luck!

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