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How To Get Student Loan

Stella Said:

i am an international student with a 4.0/4.0 GPA how can I get a loan for this fall??

We Answered:

With your grades and ambition, I'd look into an internship or co-op to get the money you need. Scholarships may be available to you as well. Check with your school's study abroad office. I'm not sure what you can do as far as the loans go... sorry about that.

Marc Said:

How do I get a student loan for living expeneses?

We Answered:

There's a lot of private lenders.

Try your bank first, and ask your school financial aid office.

Good luck !

Willie Said:

I'm applying for a Wells Fargo student loan, approximately how long will it take to get processed?

We Answered:

it all depends really...when i was trying to apply for my loan it was a big mess b/c the school kept srewing up on my hours and therefore on how much the loan would be for. B/c of this i had to wait more to accept all of the final changes and of course the loan. I was worried about the deadline too so i called the fin. aid people and they said the loans wouldn't kick in on time and therefore i would have to get help from a friend or something temporarily or i could take out a tuition loan which would pay tuition until the loans come in. In the end i didn't accept the Wells Fargo Loan but accepted another one through school. All in all, it would probably be helpful if you talked to someone from finaid at your school just to be sure...Good luck! :)

Lynn Said:

What does a student loan company like Stafford do to co-signers? Do they get notified of the loan if someone?

We Answered:

Cosigners serves as your guaranteer to the creditors. And companies like Sallie Mae, Stafford prefer to get loan application signed by them as a security for the loan they are giving you. Yes they do get notified for any untoward action.
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Glen Said:

How does a student loan affect your credit?

We Answered:

Student loans effect your credit score like any other loans (that means credit cards also). As long as you pay on time your credit should be fine. But you do want to pay more than your monthly accrued interests, otherwise you will never pay off your student loan, and the balance will just get higher and higher.

Esther Said:

I Am Going To University In September, How Much Money Will The Student Loan Company Pay Me?

We Answered:…

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