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Information On Student Loans

Marian Said:

Has anyone discharged student loans from eton technical institute?

We Answered: - it provides some tips about applying to US federal and state grants for college students.

Lester Said:

Information on Student Loans?

We Answered:

Don't listen to the last person. Student loans are not something evil. Yes, it is a loan. Yes, you have to pay it back.

HOWEVER, student loans are meant to help you to go school. Nursing is a great field, as long as you do not go overboard and just start taking more than you need, then you should be ok. For around 10,000 in loans, monthly payment probably be around 120 a month.

if your parents are willing to co sign, they should be willing to help pay also. So I say be cautious and you should be ok.

Phillip Said:

Information on student loans? Are you allowed to use them for rent and other living expenses?

We Answered:

yes, you should receive any aid in excess of university charges. that said, the only thing FAFSA says you absolutely CANNOT use loan funds for is to purchase a car. you can use if for maintence, gas , etc, but not to buy.

Amber Said:

Do banks have access to information on my student loans?

We Answered:

Generally, they would only do that if you were applying for a loan. And they would charge you a fee.

You are entitled to one free credit report per year from this website:

This website doesn't require you to sign up for anything or "cancel" any subscriptions, etc.

Adrian Said:

how can I get information on student loans?

We Answered:

If you and going to study out of usa then you would want to check with that school in that country usually out of the country dont have something like financial aid...what you want to do is start with a school here in USA and then ask them if they would send you to study over to another country if they do then you can get financial aid from the school in US and then transfer that loan to you where ever you are studying at....good luck..

Edith Said:

information on student loans?

We Answered:

Hey there,
Good for you for trying to become a nurse! It’s such a needed profession and I’m really excited that you want to join such an amazing field. The two major types of student loans are federal and private. I actually represent a company that allows you to apply private online, their site is and it’s got a ton of resources for someone like you who is trying to make her way through the world of student loans, It provides you with a Gap Calculator… that helps you figure out how much you money you need based on the school you want to go to it also has a great FAQ section… . Once you’re comfortable with the whole thing you can apply for loans from up to six different lenders. It should be really beneficial to you in your search for the perfect loan.
Best wishes,

Barbara Said:

I need help on information about student loans!!!! Please!!?

We Answered:

Wow I am happy to hear that you are so ambitious and you were accepted into TSU. Good for you!

Have you applied for Financial Aid? Go onto and see if you can get the government to provide you with free grants. On their website, they also have a section about "how to fund college" - it will have info about how to search for scholarships, and what kinds of loans are available with what companies.

Also, if you go onto TSU's website or if you go in person to the school and meet with a Financial Aid counselor, they can also give you info about the grants, scholarships, and loans that might be available to you.

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