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Instant Student Loan

Marcus Said:

How do couples function with enormous student loan debt and spending habits in California?

We Answered:

One of the most common causes of couple discord is MONEY (sex, inlaws, communication, and children are the others). But money is a powerful one. You are right to look at your relationship to money. Clearly your girlfriend has a different relationship if she is only paying back the minimum and engaging in other more of a CA lifestyle. You sound like you are much more frugal. As for how to survive. The key is to pay down that debt. Your friend might look and see if she qualifies for any loan repayment programs - There are programs that will repay for people to work in certain fields within social work (Child Welfare for example). This would allow her to get out from some of the debt. DA

Tamara Said:

For a student who wants to travel: save up, or get a repayable loan?

We Answered:

If I read this correctly, you're already in college. Personally, I don't know how you're going to have ANY money by the time you finish up, because all my earnings during school went toward reducing what I owed for my degree.

If you have student loans (of some sort) now, remember that they're going to need to be repaid - in the US, that means continuing payments on them at the same time as you're expecting to be traveling.

From my personal experience - don't go further into debt (right out of college) than you have to ... and taking a loan to make the trip is going down that road. Not that I'm against the travel ... just the opposite. But I'd take a year or two out of school to get my feet under me, in terms of finances, with some of your own money socked away for just this kind of thing.

Then take all your vacation at once - or a leave of absence, or whatever other means you opt for - and make your journey. You can extend your travel time by working (at least in some areas) while you're traveling ... especially if you've either quit your original employment or have a 6-12 month leave of absence.

On the other hand, who knows? Depending on what your job outlook is like, you could have one where the COMPANY is paying for you to travel everywhere you want to go. (I got really lucky, and fell into that category!).

In the short strokes - don't take the loan, especially if you're coming out of school owing money already.

Carla Said:

Which Bank should I pick for a private student loan (read info)?

We Answered: - it provides some tips about applying to US federal and state grants for college students.

Michael Said:

Does anyone know of a place I can get a type of instant loan?

We Answered:

this is astrive they offer loans without a cosigner as long as you are over 18. but you have a better chance with a cosigner. but give it a try.…

wellsfargo might not require a cosigner either check it out…

good luck

Willie Said:

If I wanted to get an 'instant' tax return, but I owe money on a defaulted student loan...?

We Answered:

Generally your RAL will be turned down. But if somehow it slips through and your tax refund doesn't come, you owe the loan to the entity that gave it to you. YOU are responsible.

Margie Said:

how long does it take Student Loan Online to process entrance counseling (see details)?

We Answered:

After I did the entrance counseling for my loans, my school told me it'd take about 3 business days or so to go through, depending on the feds and stuff. It really shouldn't take longer than 4 or 5, if it hasn't gone through I'd either ring up the school to get them to put pressure on the feds :)

Good luck! and have fun in the class. xx

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