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Hazel Said:

Better my essay? ?

We Answered:

Facebook is a social networking website launched on February 4, 2004, founded by Mark Zuckerberg while he was a student at Harvard University. The website's name comes from the paper Facebook depicting members of a campus community that some colleges give to new students, faculty, and staff, as a way to get to know other people on campus. At first, website membership was limited to Harvard students, but was expanded to other colleges in the Ivy League. Facebook later expanded further to include any university student, then came high school students, and, finally, to anyone ages 13 and over. The website currently has more than 100 million active users worldwide and averages 250 million hits every day.

They are free, easy to join, and easy to message their members. Teenagers chat about everything from school, to sports, to what they were doing last night. All these great topics seem like innocent fun, and it can be. But many teens are unaware there are hidden dangers of social networking sites. Usually, we have to meet a person to find out what they look like, what their interests are, or to just figure out what kind of person they are. By using Social Networking Sites, such as Facebook, you can learn about pretty much anyone just by going on the internet. The only fault of Social Networking Sites is the information you receive may not be true.

Some students are now finding themselves in trouble after parents, teachers, and employers view these sites. College students are being expelled from school after posting pictures of what they do over the weekend. High school students are being disciplined when they express themselves in their personal blogs. Since the popularity of these sites has increased, we have also seen an increase in the number of rapes, kidnappings, and murders due to these popular social networking sites. Students often do not realize the things they post on the Internet will stick around for years. The immediate consequences seem trivial when you consider the amount of students who will have student loans to pay off, but will not be able to because they cannot obtain a job due to party blogs and pictures on their social networking sites from their glorious college days.

There is no pretending we are all not aware of the many social networking sites on the Internet today. Regardless of what they are being used for today, there is no doubt the internet has caused online addiction to many teenagers . Along with television, instant messaging, and cell phones, these items are safe to say Facebook and MySpace are by far the biggest procrastination tool amongst college students, and therefore they are becoming a problem. Facebook allows you to stay in touch with old friends, but how much information is too much? We have to be careful about what we put up on the internet of ourselves because you never know who could be lurking around.

Patrick Said:

Where to find the best deal for cheap cars online?

We Answered:

Are you looking for the car or a loan or both? With all the searches you have done, you haven't come up with an answer yourself?

Billie Said:

What would you do in this situation?

We Answered:

you can be engaged for as long as you want before actually getting married-engagement doesn't mean all that much in the grand scheme of things. i would work out some of these problems before getting engaged. furthermore, engagement is sort of an acceptance of a person-it seems to make more sense to fix things and then get engaged than the reverse.

talk to your boyfriend-don't just get information through his sister-his sister cannot read his mind and truly know what's going on.

if he chooses his mother over you, then you know that it won't work. if he tries to mediate between both of you, then you know he's making an effort. if he closes off his mother for you then propose that he reconsider because parental relationships are still important and you don't want any regrets from hasty decisions

take charge of the situation and try to resolve these issues for the benefit of everyone. it's good that you don't let people take advantage of you, but be careful not to offend others, as this is also counterproductive

Angel Said:

Why would someone who said she loved me do this to me?

We Answered:

hey bro..i am facing the heat too. the same thing.exactly the same thing has happened to me. But i couldn't do anything and just watch her leave me in ****. I am also trying to accept the fact, though its really too difficult to believe that someone whom you loved so much betrayed you. But try to understand that some people are very practical in life. They know what they are doing and do that without thinking of others. some people are emotional and think a lot about others and thus suffer a lot. So i would advice you to be practical in life like your ex. And prove her that she made a big mistake in leaving you.

Willie Said:

MD vs. PsyD vs. PhD - which is best for me?

We Answered:

First, you have a lot of time to decide. If you major in psychology or premed, you've got a few years between now and then, including during your undergraduate years in college. So I wouldn't worry about it unnecessarily now.
Second, on the alternatives:
In my experience, psychiatrists are confined a lot to giving out prescriptions to people with psychological type problems. They don't do a lot of therapy. And you do have to become a M.D., as you know, and medical school can be quite expensive.
On the other hand, there are a lot of different types of careers for people with PhDs in psychology--not just research papers(!) although some do those.
Here's a website that has quite a bit of info on psychology careers:…
From what I've been able to learn, a PhD in psychology gets the best pay and is the most flexible.
In the mean time, why not do some research? Get two cardboard boxes, one labeled "Psychiatrist" and the other "PhD in Psychology" and collect information in each. Then when you're bored, go through it all and take notes.
Don't worry, it'll become clearer in time.
Meanwhile, enjoy being young! You'll have to deal with all that adult stuff soon enough!

Arnold Said:

Need help with finding % gross income after payments have been made?

We Answered:

Maximum monthly mortgage loan payment—x:
$425 + $330 + $127 + $283 + x = 0.36($4,700)
$1,165 + x = $1,692
x = $527

Answer: A. $527.00

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