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Iowa Student Loan Liquidity Corp

Rene Said:

How to make collections stop calling?

We Answered:

Yes they have to attempt to contact you before sending this to default and trust me they can easily prove they tried.

If they are accepting your payments, then they cant harass you. Paying them means they agree the current terms of agreement and they cant garnish your wages if the current terms of agreement applies. Give them a cease and desist letter. Tell them the original terms of agreement apply and you are NOT willing to change them. If they try to force you to change, you have the right to refuse payment completely. Read that fine print in your collection agreement if you have them. Depending on which state you live, your payments may or may not be taken from you.…

Ramona Said:

What should I do about my student loan?

We Answered:

First thing you need to do is accept the fact that the bill collector is an idiot. On average, they spend less than 90 days on the job before they burnout. They are trained to use scare tactics and to tweak your emotions because their research tells them that if you get emotional, you are more likely to make a payment. They hate their jobs.

Next, you should contact an attorney in your area. Many of them will see you and only charge you a small fee relative to the $1200. Some of them hate bill collectors so much, they won't charge you anything. (Probably hoping for a counter-suit).

You need to review the Federal Fair Debt Collection Act. It sounds like this idiot may be in violation of the Act. If they failed to notify you by certified mail of the change in your loan status, they may have a serious problem.

Do not be nice to the idiot. Do not apologize to the idiot. Tell him that you believe that he is in violation of federal law concerning the collection of debts. You or your attorney can demand that he provide you with written proof of the validity of the debt. At that point, all other action must stop until proof is obtained. Advise him that you are keeping notes of every interaction that you have with him or his company and that you will report misbehavior to the FTC. Hang up on him a couple of times - that really shifts the paradigm.

Sounds combative, huh? It's the only thing they respond too. Meanwhile, you need to have a yard sale, put stuff on Ebay, get a part-time job, and round up $1200. Proverbs 22:7 says that "the rich shall rule over the poor and the borrower is a slave to the lender." God knew what He was talking about.

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